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  1. OCD

From the recording OCD

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Lines are forming all across your face
You get so wound up tight
It keeps you up at night
You put your self out there everyday
You don’t know where you stand
I’ll help you if I can

Your OCD
You’ve got to repeat things
Your OCD
It’s almost crippling

Your phones not working
I guess you wore it out
Calling me everyday
One thousand times a day
Your so intense
It doesn’t make much since
That’s just who you are
Our life is so bizarre

Your OCD
You’ve got to do somethings
Your OCD
You can’t control some things

We laugh, we cry
We love, we fight
But in the end
You’ll just pretend
That we’re just like you
Who are you?

You obsess about me like it’s compulsory
Every hair in place
Your staring at my face
I love all of you, hell I’m compulsive too
We do the things we do
And that’s what makes you you

Your OCD
You’ve got your things
Your OCD
OCD me!