1. Teenage Angst

From the recording Teenage Angst Part 1

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Teenage Angst

I don’t know if I want to stay around here anymore
All the rules here seem so silly to me now
Old fashioned and outdated
I can’t relate to them anymore
I think I’d be better off on my own

I think I’ll get me a big tattoo
And a piercing on my tongue
Shave my hair off or dye it just for fun
Maybe I’ll look just like the Joker
And freak everybody out
I’ll show them what their
teenage boys all about

I’ll say my goodbyes to you now
I’m walking out the door
I’ll grab my bag then I’ll be on my way
Now it’s raining hard and I’m hungry
I guess I could have a bite
But my parents locked the door And turned off the lights

I know what your trying to do
Searching in my room
Who do I give thanks
For all this teenage angst