1. Pity Party

From the recording Teenage Angst Part 1

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Pity Party

I’m a virgin
A boy of 15
Who has never done it
Except in his dreams
Who wishes that he had
A way with the girls
Instead of being so damn nerves

I wish I were bigger
Maybe a Jock
Genetically better
But this is my lot
An alpha male I’ll never be
I hope I’m not finished growing

There are these people
Life comes easy to them
We watch them and we’re jealous
And we want to be their friends
But maybe I should be
Thankful for what I got
Now I feel a little better

A 4.0 grade point average
A bright future ahead of me
One thing I need to remember
Is that I can’t have everything
So now I’m going to get dressed
And enjoy myself
And dance like the geek that I am

Let’s have a pity party for me
You know your all invited
Let’s make it a grand affair
All you loser’s can be there
For those of you who get picked last
Now it’s your time
You’ve always been special to me