From the recording Teenage Angst Part 1

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Freaks of Walmart

These people are everywhere
I don’t think that they even care
They don’t know who they are
I think that’s so bizarre
Now their really likeable guys
And that’s one big surprise
They really like to shop
Ain’t it funny to watch them shop

There’s Freaks at Walmart
Freaks at Walmart

Three shades of dried out hair
One lady in her underwear
PJ bottoms and fuzzy shoes
5 big bags of puppy food
A wife beater and a gold necklace
A tie dye shirt for a dress
5 kids and a teenage mother
The dad just may be her brother

The Freaks are really out tonight
Just look at that couple fight
A box of wine and a case of beer
Lets get our butts out of here
That woman’s dressing like she 12 years old
Put some clothes on before you catch a cold
Let’s hurry up and get our stuff
These people look really rough