1. Drive

From the recording Teenage Angst Part 1

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I rode my bike to school
Every single day
But that’s about to change
After 8 in the rain
Last year I got a job
Working outside in the fields
Working with immigrants
Chasing the American dream

I just bought a car
Man does it go fast
And I pray that
The transmission will last
400 ponies
Sure puts her in the wind
Waited for 16 years for
This ride to begin

Picked up my girlfriend
I feel like a king
Now we can go off and
Do our own thing
It makes me feel grown
Even though I’m not
Though my car is quiet old
I love her a lot

I know a place
Where we can be alone
Where we can be ourselves
And enjoy ourselves
Then I’ll take some back roads
As long as I got gas
I want this feeling to last
But I know that it won’t

I’m gonna drive
All around the world
Or even just around the block
I just wanna drive