1. Best Friend

From the recording Teenage Angst Part 1

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Best Friends

I remember the first time I saw a naked lady
Me and Jimmy climbed the drive in fence
There it was to see up there on the screen
The biggest pair if breast in the world

I thought we were going to see a Bruce Lee movie
But mostly what I remember of that night
Were breast bigger than me and the look of shock on Jimmy
And the movie didn’t have a single fight

I remember the blood that poured out of Jimmy
From the broken glass from where we would swim
Man his foot bled the craziest red
And it’s weird how it soaked up in the sand

I wrapped it up the best I could in my tee shirt
I put him on my bike and man we did ride
The man at the hospital said they saved his foot
And I smiled drench in my friends blood

My fondest memories were growing up with jimmy
And the most trouble I got in was with him too
From diapers to high school we both thought we were cool
And we always had each other no matter what

Jimmy was quick to take the blame to save me
Cause he new I’d get the belt from my dad
Jimmy didn’t care his parents weren’t really there
At least not in the way that mine were

I guess I’m old enough to raise a glass
And make a toast to my best friend
Partners in crime, spent half of our time
Chasing dreams that would never come true
But what do you care just as long as they’re there
When you need them to
If you’ve ever had a friend like I’ve have
Please raise your glass too.