1. Bended Knee

From the recording Teenage Angst Part 1

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Bended Knee

I didn’t ask for this life that I got
Born and raised in a dysfunctional home
Made to put on a face for the world
What happens at home stays at home
The very ones you trust to take care of you
Betrayed your trust and gave you the blues

Why did you hurt me and my brother so much
You could have given us a happy home
Did you do to us what was done to you
I swear I’ll never treat my children that way
Shame on you for what you did to us
You stole our childhood and you stole our trust

I’m down on bended knee
Trying to forgive you
Trying to forgive me
And I do this for me
It’s something that I must do
To put this pain to rest
And I hope you do too

I felt a weariness in my life
A shadow hanging over me
Anger from I do not know where
My normal is a life of despair
I’m not innocent
I’ve hurt people too
And that’s the one thing I said I wouldn’t do


Forgiveness is where it must start
If I ever hope to heal my heart
I won’t repeat the sins of my past
They say the lord forgives those who will ask