Teenage Angst Part 1

Our debut album is out and available most everywhere. This record was something of a project. The songs where recorded many times the day they where written. Barely learned or practiced they show it but it also adds to the Stupid Einstein bumbling headlong without a clue style that I love. This project was a chore of love to me. I had not played in a band in years and had not even played a guitar much either. Then I start a band and write songs, dust off the guitars and amps, and record the songs while learning the digital interface. All songs where recorded and mixed in house and it may show by being rough around the edges but isn't that the way it should be? The vocals aren't compressed to the max like the "pros" tend to do it. We went for depth and separation on these songs. Well it's all done and Part 2 isn't far behind and I must say that part 2 is going to be a big step up in every way. Stay tuned.